SPAN247 - Chapter 3

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Spanish Language and Literature
SPAN 247
Peter Thompson

Chapter 3Medieval SpainVisigoths left very few ruins in Spain Many of their kings were assassinated Accomplishments large scale herding horseshoe arch few words However they lacked unity stability and feudal institutions SueviGalicia VandalsVandaluca Visigoths sack Rome in 410 Franks push Goths out of France but they hold Hispania despite being 200000 to several million HispanoRomans Goths intimidated by Romes legacy Used Latin Roman lawyers and coins Goths adopted Arian view of Christianity no trinity RomansCatholics HispanoRomans looked down on their conquerorByzantines land in southern Spain allying with many on the wayPosts at Mlaga and Cartagena to reconquer Spain Seized southeastern coast and Balearic islands Spania Few remains Goths never beat the Basques eventually beat the Suevis One Gothic king Reccared converted to Catholicism and burnt all Arian things Toledo wasreligious and political capital of Spain FunnyGothic architectural style wasunknown to the Goths Byzantines pushed out by 624 and at last Goths rule whole peninsula except Basque parts Progressive collapse of social order until 711 Everyone revolted against the crown 675 Moors make halfhearted attempt to invade MoormauriBerber tribes living in Algeria and Morocco 710 Musa sent 400 Moors under Tarif Returned with information and booty Moorish Spain is cloaked in legends like 1001 nights Musa ordered
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