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Chapter 5

SPAN247 - Chapter 5

Spanish Language and Literature
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SPAN 247
Peter Thompson

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Chapter 5: Birth of the Spanish World
Santa Fe: considered birth place of Spanish rulers – Catholic Kings gather around.
Isabella and Fernando have to consolidate power before takng Moors in Granada
Kings take aristocrats out of parliament, they wanted all control.
Isabel and Fernando took control of hermandades – distinct police force,
dedicated to royal interests.
Spanish Inquisition – greatest source of power created in 1478 to ensure
orthodoxy for those who converted.
Jewish converts who were practicing in secret were “morrenos”. Many jewish
converses, the Grand inquisitor was. Torture used to get confessions from
prisoners. Auto da fe – act of faith (procession or execution in public).
Asked pope for crusading rights in Granada (because it had to do with catholic
faith). Alhambra – palace in Granada (math).
1482-1492: Granada falls in 1492, symbolic fall of Granada and Moors. Family
feuds contributed to Christian victory. Well protected, Fernando started a
blockade. Stalemate favours Christians – Boabdil surrenders Granada for money
and little bit of land in Granada. Riots broke out, 1492. Boabdil: “you do well to
weep as a woman for what you couldn’t defend as a man”.
Treaty of Granda: 55 articles guaranteeing Moorish rights.
1487 Malaga fell, Moors fled to north Africa.
1492: Christopher Columbus, wanted to find orient. Portuguese king didn’t take to
his idea. Columbus regarded as wild visionary, how feasible would his voyage
be? Council said it was impractical.
Moriscos = Muslims to Christians Moors expulsed for religion
Conversos = Jews to Christians Jews expulsed for $
1512: Spain created!
Charles – Holy Roman Emperor in 1528 solidified Italian territories and alliances.
Spain considers themselves part of Europe. He wasn’t actually from Spain. His
reign was 40 yr, 16 in Spain. Costly wars, parliament would refuse him. Waste –
no economy. Dispute with France over Milan.
Luther 1500s – Charles V had to deal with him and Counter-Reformation efforts.
Carlos marries Isabel, Portuguese. Philip II offspring.
Ottoman Suleiman – East (Turkish), West (Spain).
Charles freed Christian slaves from Tunis.
1555: abdicated the throne. He was so tired, gave up to brother Ferdinand. Retires
to monastery San Geronimo in 1558 he dies.
Counter Reformation – revitalize Catholic church.
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