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Chapter 3

ACC 100 Chapter 3: Using Accounts in Transaction Analysis

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ACC 100
Maurizio Di Maio

Chapter 3 Using Accounts in Transaction Analysis Financial Information: In order for stakeholders to make decisions, financial information should be in a form that allows one to quickly evaluate past activities A good accounting system subdivided the financial reporting elements into accounts so that more detailed information is available Accounts = common subgroups of financial reporting elements that ae used to accumulate business activities Transaction Analysis Account Names: Common Asset Accounts: Cash Accounts Receivable = represent a businesss legal right to collect cash from a customer at some point in the future Prepaid Expenses = an asset that will become an expense in the future Equipment Intangible Assets = assets that are not physical Common Liability Accounts: Accounts Payable = when a business buys a goodservice on account and must pay in the future LoanNote Payable = legal agreements with a set interest rate and deadline for which a business owes over a long term Interest Payable = interest on a loan that must be paid back in the future WagesSalaries Payable Unearned Revenue = when a customer pays in advance for a goodservice Common Equity Accounts: Owners Capital Retained Earnings Common Revenue Accounts: SalesService Revenue Sales Returns Allowances Sales Discounts Common Expense Accounts: Advertising Expense WageSalaries Expense Website Expense Interest Expense Transaction = an event that is measurable and realized Event = a business activity of importance to a business that is measurable or realized, but not both measurable and realized
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