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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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ACC 410
Vanessa Magness

Chapter 4: Relevant Costs for Non-routine Operating Decisions Routine Operating Decisions: mad on a regular schedule (ex: budgeting done in a year) Non-Routine Decisions: occur less frequently than routine decisions (when we want to re-evaluate operations Process or Addressing Non-routine Operating Decisions Identify type of decision managers must make Identify relevant quantitative analysis techniques (gather relevant information and apply it) Apply each relevant analysis techniques Identify and analyze qualitative factors (using judgement) Consider quantitative and qualitative information to make a decision Applications of non-routine operating decisions Special orders Keep or drop decisions Insource or outsource (make or buy) decisions Constrained resources Product emphasis involving multiple resource constraints and multiple products General Decision Rule: take the action that maximizes current-period income (or minimizes current-period losses) To apply the General Decision Rule: CMU CMU of constrained Resources FC that differ between alternatives
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