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Chapter 4

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Lecture 4 Research Design
Part 1
Why Design Matters?
3 Main types of design
Each type of design has advantages and disadvantages
Understanding design type allows you to ask:
oWhy did they choose THIS type of design?
oCan they really draw THOSE conclusions based on THIS type of design?
Three Kinds of Design
Case Study
1. Case Study
Focus on a particular event, situation, or person
Explore and describe
(hard to come to generalizations because each case is unique)
2. Experimental Design
2 randomly selected groups
oTreatment Group: x happens
oControl Group: x doesn’t happen
3. Quasi-Experimental Design
The basic idea
Select a number of people (or objects)
Divide them into groups based on something that interests you
See if those groups are different from each other
Types of Quasi-Experimental Design
A. Cross Sectional
B. Longitudinal
oTrend study
oCohort study
oPanel study
A. Cross Sectional (At one point in time)
Kei-tying Teens
Pew Internet Study
B. Longitudinal (Trend)
Looking for trend over time. Collect data from a few points in time
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