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Current Issues Presentation Instructions 2014.doc

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BLG 144
Tsogbadral Galaabaatar

CURRENT ISSUES PRESENTATION 10 of your gradeMKT1000 Fall 2014There are 5 topics for Current Issues PresentationsYou will be randomly assigned to groups and topics see list on Blackboard of 4 to 6 students eachsame groups as for case study analysisPlease check your grouptopic allocation and be prepared to present on the date indicated on the LessonCaseCurrent Issues Schedule on Blackboard Each group will present only once so make sure you give it your best shot There are no replaysThe presentation should be 57 minutes and should focus on the realworldcurrent examples related to the topic Current refers to the 20132014 time period only You should not explain the theory of the topic You are encouraged to use various media for your presentation such as Powerpoints videos images etc You can use index cardsnotes during the presentation but you must not read from a paper or slidesThe prep work for these presentations will involve research hence make sure you present the sources and dates of your information and data as the last slide of your presentationYou do not need to provide a hard copy of your presentationOne member of your group must emailme an electronic copy of your presentation before 4pm on the date of the presentationAll members must fully partici
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