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Chapter 5

BUS 223 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Web, Onchocerciasis

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BUS 223
Haskovon Kriegstein

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- Corporate Social Responsibility: The responsibilities that a business has to the
society in which it operates.
- Economic model of CSR: sole duty is to pursue profit within the law
- Alternatives to economic model
o The philanthropic model
o The social web model
o Integrative model
Ethics and Social Responsibility
- 3 different levels of responsibilities
o IS there a duty not to cause harm?
o Prevent harm even in those cases where one is not the cause
Good Samaritan
Merck providing Mectizan free of charge to those in need of it,
even though they are not the cause of river blindness
o To do good, charitable work
Philanthropic model of CSR
- Philanthropic model: Holds that like individuals, business is free to contribute to
social causes as a matter of philanthropy
o No strict obligations
o Could do it for the reputation or do it just to make a better society
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