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CHAPTER # 7 THINKING Article#1 Ways To Create Ideas A person can easily think creatively by making use of the effective techniques to producing ideas about whatever they are doing. There is no doubt that creative ideas can lead you to the heights of success in no time. But thinking creatively requires determination and a lot of practice. In order to generate creative ideas, you can conduct a brainstorm. This is an effective technique for making plans, finding solutions to your problems as well as generating creative ideas. Another strategy would be to focus your attention on what you are doing. I believe that a person should save ideas that come to their minds. This can be done by creating files or storing your ideas in journals. You can also create ideas when you are trying to sleep. And finally, the most important technique is to act on the ideas that you have generated. As a result of reading this article, I intend to focus on the ideas that I usually come up with, keep them safe, and act on them. CHAPTER # 7 THINKING Article#2 15 Common Mistakes In Logic Logic helps us see the difference between ineffective and effective reasoning. When a person thinks logically, he or she improves his or her speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. This helps them to make better decisions by avoiding the common mistakes that most people make while making decisions. These common mistakes in decision making are known as fallacies. In order to avoid fallacies, it is very important to know the 15 most common fallaci
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