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HR Audit Insight_2013

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Ryerson University
Tsogbadral Galaabaatar

MGH B12 Group Assignment: HR Insight (due Nov. 27 2013) Prof. Heathcote O BJECTIVES OF THE ASSIGNMENT • To see how human resource management is practiced in companies today through meeting with members of an HR department. • To hone your research skills. • To think critically about HR practices and to use theory and research to evaluate those practices. C OMPONENTS OF THE ASSIGNMENT The major focus of this report is to describe three HR functions of a company and to critically evaluate whether those functions are suited to the business of the company (i.e., do they fit with the strategy and environment of the company). Executive summary This should be a one page summary of everything that is discussed in the paper. The purpose of this section is to provide the reader with an overview of the entire report. So, you should provide a brief introduction to the company, an outline of the three HR functions that were analyzed, and a summary of the general conclusions that you made. Company background This section should provide the contextual information about the company. Thus, you should describe the general business of the company, the industry in which it is set, its size, and geographical location. The company’s strategy and the relevant factors in its external and internal environment should be identified. The discussion of these three factors should be set up so that you can refer to them when assessing the appropriateness of the HR functions (e.g., you might suggest that a particular HR function is appropriate given its use of the prospector strategy and the rapidly changing external environment). HR functions There are many HR functions that could be analyzed in an organization (e.g., training, selection & recruitment, performance management, diversity, compensation). You should describe and critically analyze 3 functions of HR within an organization. Description of HR function You should identify, and where necessary, explain the relevant characteristics of a particular HR function. This section should describe the nature of the HR function, its structure, and objectives. You will need to document how you know that this information is accurate. You might learn about the HR function through interviews with the HR department, or with the employees of the company. You might have internal documents from the company that describe the details of the HR tactics that are used. You might conduct your own survey to discover whether the HR practices are effective. All of this information should be cited appropriately. Analysis of HR function In this section you should discuss how effectively the HR function contributes to the organization. Is it aligned with the organization’s strategy? Is it aligned with the organization’s internal environment (e.g., its managerial philosophy, its culture)? Is the HR tactic appropriate given the industry and the organization’s external environment? You will need evidence to support your analysis. The evidence might include company data, anecdo
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