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Chapter 18

CMN 305 Chapter Notes - Chapter 18: Cover Letter

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CMN 305
Duncan Koerber

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The Practice of Public Relations – CMN 305
Chapter 18: Launching a Career
Finding a Career
oMost jobs are not posted
oMany people $nd positions through connections
oStudents should not just study theories of $eld by consider career
options early
oNetworking: interact with other people to exchange information and
develop contacts, especially to further one's career
oNot just good for $nding a job but also:
Learning about trends in the $eld
Finding mentors
Meeting colleagues (people in similar stage of career)
Getting career tips
Feeling part of a community
oNetworking is hard work
oNeed to identify opportunities during the term and attend events
(departmental meetings, industry talks on campus, professional
organization, meetings and get togethers)
oBene$ts might not be immediate, maybe 2-10 years down the line --
long term relationships
When your cover letter and resume come across the desk of a
hiring manager you know, it adds life to your application
Cover letters and resumes never capture the whole/real you and
can be boring/dry
oAdded dimension today: social media networking
Following important people in your $eld
Interact professionally with those people
Can be a way to $nd out about jobs and plant a seed in the
person's mind about you
The Cover Letter
oExpands on resume
oEmphasizes parts of resume, not all
oTells anecdotes (stories)
oIncludes successes/achievements
o1 page max in the beginning of your career, 2 pages after 10 years
oDeconstructing the Job Ad
Use responsibilities and requirements as a prompt for your cover
letter, respond directly to the ad
oOpening paragraph
Many students write an elaborate opening or they write
Should begin with:
Please accept this application for…
I am writing to apply for…
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