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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Getting Started Planning & Writing Business Messages

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CMN 124
John Burry

thWednesday January 19 2011 Chapter 2Getting Started Planning and Writing Business Messages Steps in the Writing Process Prewriting y assessing the purpose audience and most appropriate channel for the communication Organizing and Outlining y mapping out the most strategic and logical arrangements of ideas and details Drafting y composing the actual message by choosing the precise wording and the style of organization that delivers information Revising and Editing y evaluating your draft from the point of view of your readers to check for completeness coherence accuracy consistency and appropriateness of language and organizationAudience Profile most messages arent just communicated they are send with a specific audience in mind even if the audience is large or dispersed onein business today it is uncommon to communicate with people you may never meet face to face y useful to focus your message by thinkingabout the members of your
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