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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Business Style - Word Choice, Conciseness & Tone

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CMN 124
John Burry

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thWednesday January 19 2011 Chapter 3 Business StyleWord Choice Conciseness and ToneWord ChoicePlain StylePlain Language style of writing that places value on simplicity directness and clarityMakes it acceptable of you to write in the same everyday language that you use when you speakHelps you reach your readers instead of putting your audience at a distance one of the aims is to banish dead and empty words in favour of lively expressive ones that readers connect with immediately and remember easily saves time puts readers first and makes ideas and information meaningful plain language is good for business plain language is pared down simple approach few common sense principlesCommon everyday words expect for necessary technical terms Reasonable sentence lengthActive voice verbs and phrasal verbsUse personal pronouns ex I youweUse unambiguous language ambiguity Place the subject as close as possible to the verb plain style gives daily communication energy impact and precis
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