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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Getting the Message Across

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CMN 124
John Burry

thWednesday January 12 2011Chapter 1 Getting the Message Across Business Communication as a Path to Success spoken and written communication is focused reliable and disciplined has the power to influence option and shape perception on which organizations competitiveness production and success depends on good communication plays a crucial role how you write speak and listen on the job reflects who you are professionally how you treat others and how you do business good communication makes good business sense ability to communicate effectively is thought of a soft skillSoft skill is a social interpersonal or language skill that complements a persons technical skillsHard skill is a technical skill a person requires for a specific jobCommunication for a Changing Workplace communication is the core stone in the new and rapidly evolving workplace bringing together core functions the knowledge economyEconomy based on the products people made from raw material through manual labour todays economy is the age of information which is knowledge based flatter organizationOrganization are by tradition layered and hierarchical communication comes from the Latin word common it is the transactional and relational process involving the meaningful exchange of information communication brings people togethe
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