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CMN 279
John Burry

Report • Relative report takes a page é page and a half • 'On page 311 you will see a quick reference chart, it basically sort of reviews different types of graphics' 'Now, some of you may assume that any of these graphics will work, and they will, but you have to apply them in the right situation' 'one type of graphic does not suit all purposes, when the report assignment asks you for an accompanying graphics.. it really asks you for the right graphic' • Your text goes into some detail , if you go to the preceeding papers you will see a lot of topics talking about it, the key to do this • Tables – very unglamorous , it's a standard table • When do you use a table graphic – you use it when you want to represent exact figures • If you are doing research that collects bits and pieces of info, for example they are prices, if you want to compare a number of options and price is one of the determining factors, a table graphic is the best way to represent those exact figures • You could probably use the dreaded pie chart to represent prices also, but that is not what they are really designed to do.. just because you can create them doesnèt mean you should • Understand when you want to use a standard table • When do you use pie charts? • You use a pie chart to show a whole unit and the proportion of its components • Example: you had done a survey and in your survey you wanted to show that a very large segment of the survey favoured one of the choices in that survey • It would make sense f it was graphically a significant proportion, you can do it on a pie chart • If somebody favours 58% (it's a significant number) it would demonstrate visually that a large proportion of your audience prefered one choice • When do you use bar charts? • If you wanna show the 4 results and how they stack up against eachother • You can put specific figures in, you would have to write in or put it at the top of each bar • Line graph, represents change over time, how does something change over time? It is used to show stock prices over time • Flow charts – to map out a procedure, if you want to show how something was done, or the order in which something was done • The organizational chart – represents how a company is organized or grouped .. who is at the head and who is at support? • He will be looking to the layout and the design (Look at the example , really good example with the one of the smart tire – and how they can help us) • They used second and third level headings to emphasize a point they wanted to make • It is your job to make evident what you want the reader to see – what you want the reader to understand • Report should allow the reader to skim it, if they know the info.. means you use space, design it
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