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Ryerson University
CMN 279
Kathryn Voltan

Communications – CMN 279 Chapter 3 • Plain style/plain language makes it acceptable for us to write In the same manner that we speak. • Use common everyday words unless technical • 20 or less words • Active voice verbs and phrases o Voice- describes a verbs ability to show whether subject of a sentence acts or is acted upon oUse personal pronouns oUnambiguous language oPlace subject close as possible to verb Use Familiar Words 1. Curb your use of words ending in “ize” and “ization” 2. Use words derived from French e.g. converse, apprise, commence 3. Avoid foreign words and phrases 4. Use only job related jargon- term describing the terminology of technical field or outdated, unnecessary words used in business context 5. Bypass buzzwords- fashionable, technical or computer jargon Use language that is fresh and current 1. Replace clichés  2. Retire outdated business expressions 3. No slang 4. No instant messaging terms or emoticons/abbreviations Keep language specific 1. Provide specific details that help reader act on information a. Concrete nouns- tangible b. Abstract nouns, intangible 2. Avoid vague qualitative statements 3. Avoid ambiguous and non idiomatic expressions: idiom- word or phrase having meaning different from its literal meaning 4. Use comparisons and analogies to clarify- analogy: explanation of the unfamiliar in terms of the familiar Practice Factual and ethical communication 1. Be reasonable, factual, moderate in your judgment 2. Consider the impact your decision has on others and self 3. Consult qualified colleagues
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