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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Getting Started Planning and Writing Business Messages

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CMN 279
Gaye Savage

CHAPTER 2 GETTING STARTED PLANNING AND WRITING BUSINESS MESSAGESSTEPS IN THE WRITING PROCESS y Steps to a successful finished product 1 Prewritingassessing the purpose audience and most appropriate channel for communication 2 Organizing and outliningmapping out the most strategic and logical arrangement if ideas and details 3 Draftingcomposing the actual message by choosing the precise wording and the style of organization that delivers information most strategically 4 Revising and editingevaluating your draft from the point of view of your readers to check for completeness coherence accuracy consistency conciseness and appropriateness of language and organizationPREWRITING y Prewriting the process of gathering ideas and establishing the purpose audience and channel for a message o Identify the primary purpose o Estimate the scope of the subject you must cover o Determine your receivers needs o Select the channel that is most appropriate for your message o Collect the information you plan to exchange y Scope the breadth or limitations of a documents coverage y Audience analysis the process of assessing the needs and knowledge of readers and listeners and adapting messages accordingly i What are the receivers responsibilities and position ii What are the receivers attitudes interests and questions iii Wh
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