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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Persuasive Message

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Ryerson University
CMN 279
John Burry

ndWednesday March 2 2011 Chapter 8 Persuasive MessagePersuasion the attempt to influence opinion works at changing attitudes beliefs and behavioursInvolves a skillful use of words that help puts ideas into actions and make things happen communication motivates readers to accept recommendations and act on request value of persuasive messaging is that it achieves its purpose without threats or manipulationIt makes the readers want to do something any message that encourages actions requires persuasionEX favour request job application letter contestable claims sales and fundraising letters and collection lettersPreparing to Write Persuasively know your purpose and what you want your reader to do understand what motivates your reader consider design and layout be positive and accurate anticipate objections and plan how to deal with themPersuasive Appeals success of your communication depends on the strength of the case you build not all audiences or persuasive takes are alike messages that must convince can rely on single or combine
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