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Chapter 10

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CMN 314
John Burry

Chapter 10Nonverbal Communication Communication based on a persons use of voice and body rather than on the use of wordsManuscript Speech A speech that is written out word for word and read to the audienceImpromptu Speech A speech delivered with little or no immediate preparationExtemporaneous Speech A carefully prepared and rehearsed speech that is presented from a brief set of notesConversational Quality Presenting a speech so it sounds spontaneous no matter how many times it has been rehearsedVolume The loudness or softness of the speakers voicePitch The highness or lowness of the speakers voiceInflections Changes in the pitch or tone of a speakers voiceMonotone A constant pitch or tone of voiceRate The speed at which a person speaksPause A momentary break in the vocal delivery of a speechVocalized Pau
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