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Chapter 15

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CMN 314
John Burry

Chapter 15Small Group A collection of three to twelve people who assemble for a specific purposeProblemSolving Small Group A small group formed to solve a particular problemLeadership The ability to influence group members so as to help achieve the goals of the groupImplied Leader A group member to whom other members defer because of her or his rank expertise or other qualityEmergent Leader A group member who emerges as a leader during the groups deliberationsDesignated Leader A person who is elected or appointed as leader when the group is formedProcedural Needs Routine housekeeping actions necessary for the efficient conduct of business in a small groupTask Needs Substantive actions necessary to help a small group complete its assigned taskMaintenance Needs Communicative actions necessary to maintain interpersonal relations in a small groupHidden Agenda A set of unstated individual goals that may conflict with
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