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Chapter Ch. 6-7

CRI 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter Ch. 6-7: Product Sample

Creative Industries
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CRI 100
Dr.Louis Etienne Dubois
Ch. 6-7

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CRI 100 10/30/16
Week 8 – Readings
Introducing the creative industries-ch. 6, 7
Ch. 6-creative producers and products
o Not all productive labour creates tangible physical artefacts.
creative goods and services: tangible and intangible
o NESTA divides the CI into four different styles or ways of pursuing creativity:
i. Creative
ii. Creative
iii. Creative
iv. Creative
Creative originals producers
o Anyone who creates, makes or trades in original, rare and unique objects.
o Typically include crafts makers, visual artists and design-makers.
o Their work is valuable because others see it as having cultural or creative value – it is exclusive
and authentic.
o These are small-scale productions, one-offs or limited production runs – making them is the
work of artists or artisans.
o Rule of thumb: “About 6% of your product range should make up for 30-50% of sales. Then the
next 25% should make up for 30%.”
Creative content producers
o Makers of content for various media, including people working in film, broadcasting (TV, radio),
publishing, recorded music, and interactive media (games, mobile apps, online media).
o Enterprises that make creative content produce
intellectual property
à protected by copyright
and distributed on a large-scale to mass audiences.
o Revenue for these productions comes through sales, advertising or subscription, usually after a
significant initial investment.
o Creative originals and creative content both involve the generation of new intellectual property
and the use of existing intellectual property, often through a laborious process of development.
o Some enterprises work on a project-by-project basis, while others build on their existing body of
illustrate how content and a strong brand-identity is the key to cross-platform
media businesses à quality content can be profitable.
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