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Chapter 4

CRI 200 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Copyright Act Of 1976, Benjamin Kaplan, Copyright Term Extension Act

Creative Industries
Course Code
CRI 200
Jeremy Shtern

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Tehaia, Joh. . Ifigeet Natio: Copyight ‘efo ad the La/No Gap. Utah La
Review, v. 2007. (p. 537-550). Available on e-reserves.
Infringement Nation: Copyright Reform and the Law/Norm Gap - John Tehranian
The Iteet has eated a ouiatio eolutio ad aused e IP issues to aise
It can be regulated
The battle over what is considered IP online has enabled piracy to be insanely easy to access
“oe ague that this digital eolutio has ehaed oes ights oe the uses
Copyright owners are now able to exercise control over their online property constraining fair
use ights…
Benjamin Kaplan - Fixing Copyright
1976 Copyright Act is at the heart of the debate
3 key trends that need observation :
1. Copyight la is eoig ieasigly eleat to itizes daily ights
2. Growing relevance has suddenly heightened public conscious over the issue
3. The aoe to fats hae highlighted the diffeee /t opyight la ad todays opyight
norms which calls for a need to reform the law
Copyright Relevance
Use to be only relevant to special groups tv, music, publishing companies
Now relevant to everyone who downloads content online
It is profoundly impacting 2 sectors of the economy:
1. Technology
2. Entertainment and media
Software has created a new sector for copyright law to organize
Copyight egulatios, popetizatio ad oopolizatio of ultual otet is deteiig ho a
use its content
Patiipatio age i hih eeyoe a atiely remic, and create from popular cultural content
Ip content has become raw materials for consumers; it blurs teh line between consumers and
Copyright Consciousness
This new widespread creation and distribution of copyrighted materials has reached a public sense of
Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA) has extended the copyright term of creative works
 the defiitio of oks ade fo hie as aeded to ilude soud eodigs
Affected copyright duration
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