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CRM 100
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Canadian Criminal JusticeChapter One Criminal justicethe way we respond to those who are alleged to have committed andor who have been convicted of criminal offencesBased not on scientific formulas but on professional judgment experience and intuition WHAT IS THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM Generally considered to contain all of the agencies organizations and personnel involved in the prevention of and response to crime and dealing with persons charged with criminal offences And persons convicted of crimes Crime prevention and reductionThe arrest and prosecution of suspects The hearing of criminal cases by courts Sentencing and the administration and enforcement of court orders Parole and other forms of conditional releaseSupervision and assistance for exoffenders released into the community The criminal justice system responds to lawbreaking with investigation Prosecution and when appropriate punishmentThe Structure of Criminal Justice Controlled almost entirely by governments Elected officialsmost notably members of Parliament and their provincial counterpartsplay a small but significant role in the criminal justice processoEnact and amend laws establish annual budgets for criminal justice agencies determine fiscal allocations andwhere necessaryconduct investigations and inquiries into various activities of the justice system oMust be appointed rather than electedothe civil service level that professionals make many of the daytoday decisions with respect to criminal justice policy and practice THE ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF GOVERNMENTS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICEFederal provincial and municipalDivision of responsibilities between the federal and provincial governments was spelled out in the Constitution Act 1867The federal government decides which behaviours constitute criminal offencesRCMP is involved in federal policing as well as provincial anc municipal policing under contract and Native band council oNarcotics
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