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Chapter 2

Griffiths Chapter 2 Notes

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CRM 101
Christina Hollingshead

CRM – Griffiths Chapter 2 Notes – Challenges in Criminal Justice _______________________________________________________________________________________________ - annual cost of operating cjs is approximately $13 billion - no evidence that the increase in costs has shown an increase in efficiency and effectiveness - task enviornment: the cultural, geographic and community setting in which the criminal justice system operates and justice personnel make decisions - general view that Canadian courts’ sentencing is too lenient - violent crimes are shown in the media more so than positive acts from cjs, why? ratings - public dependence on the cjs - public fails to take responsibility - public fails to learn what role it can play - public fails to understand the limitations on what the cjs can realistically achieve - restorative justice has opened the doors and added opportunities for the community to be involved in the restorative process - crime rate: the number
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