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Chapter 5

Griffiths Chapter 5 Notes

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CRM 101
Christina Hollingshead

CRM – Griffiths Chapter 5 Notes – Police Strategies and Operations _______________________________________________________________________________________________ - traditional/professional model of policing: a model of police work that is reactive, incident-driven and centred on random patrol - central premise of random patrol (aka watch system) is that the mere presence and visibility of patrol cars serves as a deterrent to crime and at the same time makes citizens feel safer Community Policing - roots in 19 century England - Peel’s Principles of Law Enforcement - community policing: a philosophy, management style and organizational strategy centered on police-community partnership and problem solving to address problems or crime and social disorder in communities - following characteristics: it is an organizational strategy and philosophy, it requires a department-wide commitment, it rests on decentralizing and personalizing police services - based on 3 Ps: prevention, problem solving, partnership (with community) - key principles: - police are more directly accountable for the community - citizens are responsible for actively involving themselves in identifying and responding to problems in their neighbourhoods and communities - the cultural and gender mix of a police agency should reflect the community it serves - the operational structure of the police agency should facilitate broad consultation on strategic and policing issues Core Elements of Community Policing - core elements: the organizational and tactical strategies and external relationships of a police service that employs a community policing model - patrol officers are the cornerstone of community policing - two key components of the corporate model of policing are environmental scans and best practices - environmental scans: studies to identify community, legislative, policy and other forces in the community - gathering info on things external to police service including demographics/social/economic trends, crime trends, calls for police services, impact of legislative and policy changes - best practices: organizational, administrative and operational strategies that have proven to be successful in preventing and responding to crime - best example is community survey which provides police services with info about citizen satisfaction with the police, problems in the community that may require police attention, extent of criminal victimization (fear of crime) - intelligence-led policing: the collection and analysis of info by police services to provide an intelligence product designed to inform police decision making at the tactical and operational levels - tactical elements of community policing centre on the enforcement of laws, a proactive, crime prevention orientation and a problem-solving approach - tactical strategies used by police services include problem-oriented policing, zero-tolerance policing, rime attack strategies, integrated service teams and neighbourhood service teams - zero-tolerance policing: (aka confident policing, proactive policing) a strict order maintenance approach by the police in a specific area, coupled with high police visibility and presence, will result in a reduction in more serious criminal activity - objectives of police crackdowns: reduce the visibility of the drug trade, lower the number of drug related crimes, improve the quality of life in the community - problem-oriented policing: a proactive strategy centred on developing strategies to address community problems - central to the POP strategy i
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