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DST 500 Chapter Notes -Canada Social Transfer, Poverty Reduction, Socioeconomic Status

Disability Studies
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DST 500
Jijian Voronka

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Wk. 1 – Readings – Notes and Questions
Jan 14, 2013
“Poverty Reduction A Necessary Component of the Federal Government’s
Health Strategy for Canadians” CMHAH
- High proportion of those with mental illnesses are also unemployed
and underemployed
-High correlation of poverty and poor mental health
- Canada spends over 14 billion dollars per year on mental health care
- Income support and other measures to prevent and reduce poverty
can play several roles with regard to mental illness and mental health
-Labor market initiatives
- Often encounter difficulty securing adequate education and
employment and face undue discrimination and stigma in these
domains due to their mental health status, as well as society’s
misconceptions of mental illness
- Often cannot earn adequate income in the labor mart and must rely on
income support programs
- Income supported programs
oPartially funded through the Canada Social Transfer
oShould initiate and operate a basic income program
oThis would remove persons with disabilities from provincial
social assistance programs
- Mental health promotion and mental illness prevention
oIncome has been identified as a key determinant of health
oImportant for government to improve delivery and sustainability
of income support programs
oImportant to initiate policies that promote wellness and positive
mental health
- Housing crisis
oThere is a general crisis, however it is intensified for people with
mental illnesses because of their vulnerability and limited
financial resources
1. Is this reading using an individual or structural perspective? How do
you know?
a. Their vision – “mentally healthy people in a healthy society”
promotes both individual and collective health and public
2. Why is income equity a major issue for those with mental health
- Poverty reduction as a tactic in a national mental health strategy
oSocio-economic status and especially income is an important
determinant when it comes to mental health problems – income
support programs is a key preventive measure
oLarge number of persons with disabilities live in poverty or near
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