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DST 500 Chapter Notes -Bipolar Disorder, Tantrum, Mental Disorder

Disability Studies
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DST 500
Jijian Voronka

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DST500 – Wk. 7 – Readings
Notes and Questions
Medicating Amanda (Waters)
1. List 5 things that Amanda and her family faced after she was deemed
mentally ill.
No consent to actually come into the school and do the screening on
these children
Parents were not allowed to see her or speak to her for 5 months –
She spent a total of nine months in a state psychiatric hospital and
residential treatment facilities
Placed in restraints and medicated against her will and without her
parents’ consent
Over medicated – given 12 drugs, sometimes simultaneously
Told that she would be allowed to go home sooner if she took her
In the past, drug companies sold their new products to doctors through
ads, articles, etc. and to consumers through TV ads, etc.
Starting in mid-1990s, companies targeted large public systems like
state mental hospitals, prisons, and government-funded clinics
TMAP – Texas Medication Algorithm Project – it called for the newest,
most expensive medications to be used first in the treatment of
schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression in adults
Psychiatry And Modern Science (Santa Maria)
2. What does Allan Frances, designer of DSM 4, think might happen as a
result of DSM 5?
Risk for severe mis-diagnoses or general diagnoses…rise in diagnosis
If you diagnosed a lot of people, you wouldn’t be able to treat most of
Treatment was over-prescribing medication
This was good for pharmaceutical companies
Little things could be looked at as a big things – a temper tantrum
would be diagnosed
Listed are 10 items that have been changed from DSM 4 to DSM 5
Diagnosis of 'Psychosis Risk' and Finds No Treatment Benefit
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