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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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Ryerson University
ECN 104
Halis Yildiz

Chapter 1: Limits, Alternatives and Choice seat #: 1665 1.1 Ten Key Concepts to Retain for a Lifetime The Individual: Facing Tradeoffs: Scarcity in relation to wants means you face tradeoffs; you have to make choice To get one thing, we usually have to give up another thing Efficiency: society gets the most that it can from its scarce resources Equity: the benefits of those resources are distributed fairly among the members of society Making decisions requires trading off one goal against another Opportunity Cost: The cost of the choice you make is what you give up for it, or the opportunity cost Decisions require comparing costs & benefits of alternatives Choosing a Little MoreLess: Choices are usually made at the margin; we choose a little more or a little less of something Marginal changes are small, incremental adjustments to an existing plan of action Make decisions by comparing costs and benefits at the margin The Influence of Incentives: Choices you make are influenced by incentives Marginal changes in costsbenefits motivate people to respond: MB vs. MC Discounts & sales Interaction Among Individuals: Specialization and Trade: Specialization and trade will improve the well-being of all participant People gain from their ability to trade with one another www.notesolution.com
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