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Thomas Barbiero

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Rationality: heart versus mind  I cannot decide b/w two cars (running through mid life crisis)  CAR A: sleek, sexy, exciting, has pizzazz, i feel 'good' looking at it, makes me feel i can accomplish anything  CAR A: drawbacks to car a: consumer reports say it is a lemon, electric problems, sometimes difficult to start, high depreciation cost  CAR B: look like it was styled and designed by an accountant, it looks stodgy, boring, dated, without a hint of glamour,  CARB: has been rated as a consumer report as its top choice, b/c of dependability, low maintenance cost, and low depreciation rate  Which car is it rational to purchase  What are the benefits to owning car a? Feel satisfied, happy  What are the costs of owning car a? Won't work high cost  What are the benefits of
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