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Sexual Behaviour  Sex is simply another service that is wanted and supplied Sex as a Service Includes:  Holding hands  Kissing  “Petting”- what is it?  Intercourse  Law of Demand: Price of sex goes down – demand goes up. Price of sex goes up – demand goes down  Prostitutes know very well: higher price, fewer “tricks”  Men demand more units of sex when the price drops  A women’s opportunity cost for using 1 of her eggs for pregnancy is higher than a males opportunity cost for using one of his sperms The Costs of Sex, Again  The opportunity cost of time spent in the sexual act may be a small part of the total cost (“winging & dining”) involved in either the production or procurement of sec  The risk cost of pregnancy  The expenditure of action (a males orgasm alone requires approximately 200 calories)  The psychic cost of violating one’s own moral standards  The damaged reputation cost which may be incurred if one’s family or friend’s find out about their sex  The cost of time spent plotting & maneuvering to get to the position they are in (finally having sex)  Difference between higher income group vs. lower income group » Sexual experience can be quite costly. No “free love” “free sex” Sex as a Cooperative Experience  If one party shirks their responsibility in sex, both parties lose the satisfaction they could’ve had Sex as an Exchange Relationship  1 person doing something for someone in return for something else – no money involved  “I will give you sex if you will marry me or go out with no one else”  “I will give you sex if you carry out the garbage or vacuum the house for me”  Sexual preferences of the 2 parties are not identical – exchanges can increase the utility levels for both  Coital frequency – females peak at 2 weeks then drops. Males goes up until 4 weeks then drops  Household temperature – female prefers 75 degree F, male 65 degrees F. Sex as a Marketed Product  Can be molded, packaged, advertised, & promoted. Ex. Pay-per-view porn, sites on the Web. Playboy A Model of Sexual Behaviour  Social space: interaction of individuals & the amount of sex produced & consumed  Demand curve for sex – downward sloping. Supply curve for sex – upward sloping.  The quantity of sex supplied will increase with the price paid for it Prostitution  Superfreakonomics by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner studied monkey’s who were trained to trade money for Jell-O cubes, grapes, or sliced apples  Macaque monkeys in the wild would groom female monkeys for chances to have sex – longer they groomed, better chances of sex  An male or female can satisfy their need with a prostitute and leave anonymously  Quality of the service is higher than a regular partner – the prostitute is professional  Legalizing prostitution comes with several predictable effects  Wives or women may be against legalized prostitution b/c of moral convictions Sex and Love  In peoples minds, love & sex go together like hot dogs & hot dog buns, razors & razor blades, etc.  The degree that love exists will affect the demand for sex &, possibly, vice versa Intensity  For most, it is the intensity of the sexual experience that make it so appealing  You willing to pay higher cost to experience it compared to having a peanut butter sandwich Women and Sex  Generally, women want less sex, although it depends on cost  Men’s job is to decrease the cost of sex and increase quantity demanded Exploitation of Affection  In a loving relationship, one person is concerned about the welfare of the other  Each person in the relationship is both donor of charitable expression (gifts) & a recipient  Each person realizes there is an unwritten social contract between the 2: try to make the other person happy The Affection Model  Donor of a gift receives pleasure from giving to the recipient; the less expensive the gist the more often he/she will give-recall the downward sloping demand curve. Ex. I make my wife happy because it makes me happy  Gifts can be in the form of money, a box of candy, simply listening to the other person, or providing a sexual experience  Gifts are given until MC=MB  But there is a possibility of exploitation  The recipient can subtly say, give me this amount or I will take nothing (deny you the pleasure of seeing me happy!)  If the recipient asks “to much” the donor may be better off giving nothing  The ability to extract a larger quantity from the donor depends on the number of alternative recipients for the gift » The recipient is one of the many recipients getting the gift. If one recipient imposes a all-or-nothing deal, the donor can turn to someone else in the end & receive full or almost full extent of the consumer surplus  The exploitation of the donor will occur only to the extent that the recipient is unconcerned about the welfare of the donor  If he recipient cares, then any reduction in the donor’s welfare will be a reduction’s in the recipient’s welfare Ex. “Your happiness is my happiness” (& vice ve
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