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ENG204 - Myth & Literature - CHAPTER 1

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ENG 204
Asher Alkoby

CHAPTER 1Interpretation and Definition of Classical MythologyNo single theory of myth can cover all kinds of mythsWord myth comes from mythos which means word speech tale storyA myth may be a story that is narrated orally but usually it is eventually given written form Can also be told by means of no words at all but through paintings sculpture music dance or mime etcTrue myth or proper myth used for stories primarily concerned with the gods and humankinds relations with themFolktales often stories of adventure sometimes people with fantastic beings and enlivened by ingenious strategies on the part of the hero or heroine who triumph at the end goal is to entertainFairytales classified as particular kinds of folktales often created for the youngContrast between myth and reality has been a major philosophical concern since the time of the early Greek philosophersMyth is a manyfaceted personal and cultural phenomenon created to provide a reality and a unity to what is transitory and fragmented in the world that we experienceThey provide us with absolutes in the place of ephemeral values and with a comforting perception of the world that is necessary to make the insecurity and terror of existence bearableMyth and religion inextricably entwined true myth involves gods Myth and Etiology Some think myth should be interpreted as an explication of the origin of some fact or custom using myths to explain facts that cannot otherwise be explained eg certain rituals or cosmology Myths try to explain the origin of our physical world earth and the heavens the sun the moon the stars Myth and Psychology1Sigmund Freud His greatest contributions are his emphasis upon sexuality theory of the unconscious interpretation of dreams and identific
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