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ENG 510 Chapter Full Text: 10. Fall of the House of Usher

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ENG 510
Maria Ionita

Fall of the House of Usher Published by Edgar Allan Poe in 1839 Characters: - Unnamed narrator: a sensible man; a stranger to the story; functions as authenticator; childhood friend of Usher - Roderick Usher: an artist; a sickly man with incredible fear and paranoia - Madeleine Usher: a sickly young woman; believed to be dead by her brother; buried alive; comes back from the dead, causing the house’s and her brother’s destruction Summary: A man is invited by his childhood friend to visit him, so that his society may help with his physical and mental illness. The man arrives at his friend Roderick Usher’s house, but is filled with a dread upon seeing it. He is led to Roderick’s studio, and upon seeing him, he is struck by how much he has changed. Roderick tells him he suffers from a hereditary nervous affliction and that he fears fear, and believes this will eventually kill him. Roderick also tells that his sister Madeleine is sick and dying, and it will leave him as the sole heir to the House of Usher. Madeleine’s illness seemed to have no reason or cure, and that very night she must take to bed because of it. As time passes, the man sees that Usher is only slightly helped during moments of artisti
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