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Chapter 7

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Entrepreneurship and Strategy
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ENT 725
Phil Walsh

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ENT 725 Chapter 7 Notes Choosing Innovation Projects Firms have to make difficult choices about which projects are worth the investment and then they have to make sure those projects are pursued with a rigorous and well thoughout development process The Development Budget Most firms face constraints in capital and other resources they can invest in projects Firms use Capital Rationing which is when they set a fixed RD budget and rank order projects to support RD Intensity is the ratio of RD expenditures to sales Angel Investor is a private investor who funds projects without utilizing a partnership structure Venture Capitalist is for projects that require more than 1 million dollars and are firms who manage a pool of funds that they invest in projects they believe to have rapid growth potential Quantitative Methods for Choosing Projects Discounted Cash Flow Method DCFNet Present
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