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Chapter 3

In Fashion Chapter 3 Outline

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FSN 123
Luann Lafrenz

The Movement of Fashion - 12 to 18 months before offering the line to manufacturers, textile producers choose their designs, textures, and patterns - 3 to 9 months before showing the line to buyers, apparel manufacturers begin deciding which styles they will produce and in which fabrics - 2 to 6 months before the fashions appear on the selling floor, retail buyers make their selections from the manufacturers’ lines. Factors Influencing Fashion Movement Accelerating Factors - Widespread Buying Power - More people with financial means to respond to a fashion change. The more consumers flock to a new fashion, the sooner it will reach its culmination. - Leisure Time - Vast majority of the population works long hours and has little leisure time to pay attention to fashion. The more leisure time they have, the more they will have time to buy and enjoy fashion of many kinds. - Increased Education - People have broadened their horizons and have new interests and new wants. People are also more educated and earn more money to satisfy their wants. - Improved Status of Women - Women have more discretionary income to spend on fashion wants - Technological Advances - Today we live in an ‘instant world’. Advances in technology have put us in immediate possession of fashions. - Sales Promotions - Magazines, televisions, newspaper, billboards, and the Internet all expose the public to the procession of new fashions. - Seasonal Change - As seasons change, so do consumer demands - As winter ends, people want to shed their winter coats for light-weight spring and summer clothing Retarding Factors Read pgs. 55 -56 Recurring Fashions - The three basic silhouettes (bell-shaped, bustle, and straight) follow one another in a 100 year sequ
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