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Chapter 6

In Fashion Chapter 6 Outline

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FSN 123
Luann Lafrenz

Leather and Fur (Chapter 6) THE LEATHER INDUSTRY - Leather-making industry is very specialized and time consuming - Leather industry must predict trends far in advance - 16 months before a leather will reach accessory manufacturers Categories of Leather Table – pg. 127 The Equine Group - Horses, = rugged leather The Exotic Leathers - Supplies are depleting and prices are going up - Sustainable use: environmental program that encourages landowners to preserve alligator eggs/habitats for the right to use a percentage of the grown animals Leather Processing - Animal pelts = divided into three classes - Skins – Weighs 15 pounds or less - Calves, goats, pigs, sheep, deer - Kips – Weighs 15-25 pounds - Young horses, cattle - Hides – Weighs more than 25 pounds - Oxen, buffalo, horse skins - Tanning – process of turning animal pelts into leather Tanning Methods - Chrome tanning – fastest method to produce leather - Can be identified by the pale, blue-grey color in the center of the cut edge TRENDS IN THE LEATHER INDUSTRY - Leather industry has changed because of three trends: enlarging market opportunities, increased competition from synthetics, and increased foreign trade Enlarging Methods - New leathers are more soft and pliable - New leathers can be dyed for successfully - Leather can be washed and has improved cleaning features Increased Competition from Synthetics Industry Growth Factors - Trend towards a classic and elegant fashion look with emphasis on quality IN THE FASHION SPOTLIGHT – Luxurious Leather - Leather = most fascinating natural product - Look, feel, and smell of leather = appeals to many senses - Performance qualities = breathable, transmits humidity, absorbs moisture THE FUR INDUSTRY Pgs. 135 – 137 EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN – Fur Makes a Comeback - Pg.134 ORGANIZ
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