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Chapter 8

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FSN 123
Luann Lafrenz

CHAPTER 8: Fashion Apparel Woman’s Apparel -basic categories in woman’s apparel includes: outerwear, dresses, blouses, suits, evening clothes, bridal wear, sportswear, activewear, uniforms, maternity, innerwear, special needs -woman’s wear size ranges: -misses: regular even-numbered sizes 4-20 (tall is 12-20, small 0-2) -juniors: regular sizes 4-17 and petite sizes 1-15 -petites: includes misses’ even numbered sizes 2P-16P and junior sizes 1P- 15P -woman’s petite: 12WP-26WP -6 major price zones: 1. designer signature: highest price zone (designers) 2. bridge: between designer and better (Tommy, Donna Karan, CK) 3. contemporary: popular among young designers (use less expensive fabrics and located in lower-rent spaces) 4. better: medium – high price (middle-class market, fashionable but affordable) 5. moderate: less prestige lines with designer names to appeal middle-class (Guess, Espirit, Levi) 6. Budget: lowest price zone called promotional or mass market (Sears, JCPennys, Kmart) -masstige movement: designers applying creativity to lower-priced apparel (i.e. Karl Lagerfield + H&M, Target + Zac Posen or Alexander McQueen) -trunk shows: manufacturer’s line presented to retail store -to compete better in increasingly global marketplace: -emergence of manufacturers as retailers -emphasize more on licensing -increase offshore production -increase emphasis on supply chain management -use of computers and Internet Men’s Apparel -5 basic types of men’s apparel: 1. tailored clothing (suits, formal wear, trousers) 2. furnishings (dress shirts, headwear, socks, robes) 3. outerwear (coats, jackets, sportswear) 4. work clothing (work shirts, work pants) 5. other (uniform and misc items) -5 main market segments 1. tailored clothing:
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