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Chapter 9

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FSN 123
Luann Lafrenz

CHAPTER 9: Accessories Footwear -largest shoe producer in USA is Nike -imports big factor in high priced dress shoes (i.e. Italian manufacturers such as Prada, Gucci, etc. for high quality craftsmanship) -women’s shoes, men’s shoes, children’s shoes -sneakers was the original athletic shoe -made possible by Charles Goodyear who invented vulcanizing process of rubber in 1800s -Keds was first to use this process (bonding rubber soles to canvas tops) -athletic shoes has greatly affected footwear to trend towards more casual -China is the largest supplier to the States, followed by Vietnam and Taiwan -increased emphasis on fashion continues to be major trend in footwear (influence of apparel fashion) Handbags -U.S. handbag industry is small compared to other fashion industries due to high imports from Europe, South America, etc. -many large manufacturers have diversified their lines to men -created the backpack; good for carrying things on the go -fierce competition from foreign imports (most domestic manufacturers have become importers of foreign made handbags) Gloves -gloves not new, leather gloves first discovered in tombs of ancient Egyptians -throughout history, gloves have been of symbolic value -to bring luck in knight battles -as erotic objects -worn in duels -to denote rank -leather glove one of the most difficult accessories to manufacture -NYC use to be center of glove-manufacturing, but that has changed to offshore production ( in China, Caribbean, Philippines) -with trend of increase in less expensive imports, industry has been trying to improve manufacturing process to reduce costs -only providing small, medium, large sizes -stretch, “one size fits all” sizes -improving materials -glove industry also exploring more innovative packaging (i.e. matching gloves and hats together) Millinery (Hats) -after World War II, hat industry was collapsing due to trend of casual dressing and women’s beehive and bouffant hairstyles -hit bottom at 1960s when hat was strictly worn for cold days (warmth not fashion) -hat industry tried to publicize and promote it again, but did not succeed (can’t change direction fashion is moving) -revived with rise of hip-hop, “ghetto fabulous” style and feature of flamboyant hats in designer shows -revived also because of increased awareness of dangers of overexposure to sun Eyewear -aviators, Jackie O types, John Lennon grannies, cat eyes, alien eyes -2004, Oakley released Thump: sunglasses embedded with digital music player -2005, Oakley released Razrwire: sunglasses that could be used as hands-free phone -more recent trend in 2010 is 24 karat gold sunglasses Jewelry -in
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