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FSN 123
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CHAPTER 1: The Nature of Fashion -fashion industries: business that involves manufacturing the materials and finished products used in apparel and accessories -fashion business: includes all industries and services related to fashion (i.e. design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, etc.) -for longest time, fashion marketing used technique of “telling and selling” (telling consumers what they want) rather than satisfying what consumer actually wants and needs Misconceptions About Fashion -designers and retailers dictate fashion -in reality, consumers are the one who decide fashion by influencing new designs and accepting/rejecting certain styles offered -fashion only influences women -fashion influences men to do things like grow or shave moustaches, which tie to choose and changing from casual jeans to a suit -fashion is a mysterious, unpredictable force -in reality, fashion can be determined and predicted by those who study and understand the fundamentals of fashion (i.e. fashion forecasters and services) Fashion Terminology -style: characteristic or distinctive appearance of a garment; or the combination of features that makes it distinct -i.e. polos are different from t shirts -fashion: styles that is accepted and used by majority of group at one time -is a result of society and acceptance -high-fashion: new style accepted by a limited number of fashion leaders who want to be the first to adopt changes and innovation in fashion -mass fashion/volume fashion: styles that are widely accepted and usually produced in large quantities at moderate-low prices -design: particular or individual interpretation, version, or treatment of a style -i.e. sweatshirt is a distinct style but can have many variations -style number: number assigned to each individual design produced -taste: opinion of what is and isn’t appropriate for a given occasion -good taste means sensitivity in appropriateness and artistically -classic: style or design that satisfies a basic need and remains in fashion for a long period of time -fad: fashion that suddenly comes up in popularity and affects a limited part of the total population, then quickly disappears -trend: general direction or movement of fashion -i.e. trend towards longer skirts Components of Fashion Design -silhouette: overall outline or contour of a garment (often referred to as shape or form) -1930s, Agnes Brooke Young’s research showed that there are really only three basic forms: bell-shape/bouffant, bustle and straight/tubular -details: individual elements that give silhouette form or shape
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