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Chapter 3

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FSN 123
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Chapter 3: The Movement of Fashion Factors Influence Fashion Movement Accelerating Factors - Factors that speeds up the fashion cycles Widespread buying power: - More people with financial means to respond to a fashion change  cycle Leisure Time - Have more time to buy and enjoy fashion; increased in paid vacation = use of sports apparel, home-wear, etc - Catalog buying because families living far away had little leisure time for shopping - Today’s leisure time includes sports and hobbies; bringing shopping into the consumer’s home with website, TV shopping, etc Increased Education - More people have broadened their horizons and have new interests and wants - More people are educated and earn more to satisfy the wants Improved Status of Women - No law/custom prevents women from buying new and stylish apparel - Women have more income and influencing the speed of fashion cycles by the way they want to spend it Technological Advances - Designer shows are streamed live on the web; makes goods available at instant that consumer is ready to buy - Enjoy the feeling of being part of the show; sitting front seat Sales Promotion - Different media exposes the public to sale promotions to new fashions - Can greatly influence a fashion’s success by telling it exists Seasonal Change - As seasons change, so do consumer demands (winter to summer, want lighter clothes) - Preseason testing; makes it possible for style conscious to make their selection in advance; helps manufacturers and retailers Retarding Factors - Discourages people form adopting incoming styles Habit and Custom - Habit slows the adoption of new skirt lengths, necklines, colours etc; loyal to an established style - Custom slows progress in cycle by permitting remainders of past fashions, status symbols to continue to appear in modern dress (button on sleeves) Religion - In the past, religious leaders urged their followers to turn their backs on fashion - Today exerts less of restraints Sumptuary Laws - Regulates what we can/cannot purchase (ex: children’s sleepwear be flame retardant) - School uniforms were common before 1960s then was abandoned to give freedom; came back in 1990s because of violence and sense of discipline Reductions in Consumer’s Buying Power - Economic recessions with high unemployment, spending is reduced - People don’t spend money on new clothes and stick with old - Strikes, inflation, high taxes, changes in interest rates - Poorer people has less affect on cycle Recurring Fashions - Occasionally, an entire look is reborn, others a detail is popular again, single article of clothing - Silhouettes have recurred with remarkable regularity; bell, back-fullness, straight (35 years) Playing the Apparel Fashion Game - Madge Garland- women’s build in hobby: the adornment of her person - J.C. Flugel- sexual attraction as the dominant motive for wearing clothes - James Laver- fashion emphasis in terms of the sexuality of the body; erogenous – sexually stimulating, portions of body no longer fashionable to expose Pieces of the Game - Waist, shoulders, bosom, neckline, hips, dierriere, legs, feet, figure as a whole Rules of the Game 1. Fashion emphasis does not flit from one area to another – a particular area of body is emphasized (miniskirts could not go higher, fashion emphasis moved on) 2. Only certain parts of the body can be exposed at any given time (floor-length with plunging necklines) 3. Fashion attention must always go forward Predicting the Movement of Fashion - Merchandising, producers, designers and retailers must have a well-defined pan and follow the movement of general fashion preferences - Fashion forecast: 1. Identify facts about past trends and forecasts 2. Determine the causes of change in the past 3. Investigate the difference between past forecasts and actual behavior 4. Analyze the factors likely to affect rends in the future 5. Apply forecasting tools and techniques with accuracy and reliability 6. Study the forecast continually to determine reasons for significant deviations from expected plans 7. Revise the forecast when necessary Identifying Trends - Designers, manufactures, merchants try to recognize each fashion trend to determine how widespread it is and if it’s moving to or away from maximum fashion acceptance - Then decide whether to promote, wait or abandon to target market (ex. Wide leg & narrow) Sources of Data - Successful fashion forecasters depends on most valuable commodity: information; good solid facts about willingness of customers - Merchants can keep records on sales, inventories, new fashion testing; keep eye on what people are wearing - If they determine their lifestyle, economic status, it is not hard to know when they will reject or accept fashions - Learn about buying habits of customers, resident buying, developing offices Interpreting Influential Factors - Where the forecasters’ knowledge of fashion and fashion principles are used; collected data to identify patterns - Consider the factors that accelerate/retard fashion cycle within their target market - Trends remake design:  Crowd-sourcing: using social possibilities of the web to create something/solve a problem (Wiki)  Mass-customization: use technology and factory production than craftsmanship to produce at a popular price (Levi’s, Timberland)  Desktop manufacturing: digital printers to create 3D objects by fusing layers of plastic/metal Current Events - News can have a long-term or short-term influence on consumers - Ex: mid 1980s newspapers were discussing opportunities for women at mid/upper management levels: “dress for success”; women aiming for tailored look that indicated their determination Prophetic Styles - Interesting new styles that are still in the introduction phase; may gain momentum rapidly or be nonstarters - Degree of acc
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