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Chapter 1

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Fashion Concepts and Theories Chapter 1 and Lecture Notes The Fashion Impulse FSN 223: Dr. Ben Barry i. Investigating the Fashion Impulse (p19)  Clothing is a complex system of cultural communication.  Expresses collective and individual identity, part of social performance  Some argue that fashion is a cultural practice that coincides with capitalism and consumer culture (we argue against this notion)  Fashionable impulses: constantly changing stylistic registers  The label of “customary dress” ignores individuality  Examples of early fashion shaped by individual taste: Europe, Canadian fur trade, Japanese fashions in tattooing, etc. o Show that fashion impulses were not much different from those of today  Individual taste has been limited historically with sumptuary laws ii. Color and Fashion Throughout Time (p34)  Color has historically been used to identify hierarchy or symbolism in societies i. Cost of dyes tied together color and social elites ii. Chinese mourning rituals Lecture Notes:  Explore relationships between fashion and :  Sociology  Psychology  Anthropology  Fine art  Business  History  Lecture topics:  The Fashion Impulse: difference between “fashion”, “dress”, “clothing”. Does fashion exist outside consumer culture?  Fashion Cycles, Symbols, and Flows: how does fashion borrow from history? Semiotic perspectives, the diffusion of a style  Fashion and Representation: how does fashion communicate ideas about sexuality, race, gender, class, etc.  The Eurocentric Fashion System: the emergence of fashion capitals, Canadian fashion  Fashion, Body Techniques and Identity: how do we use fashion to express our identity? 
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