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Textbook Notes for Fashion at Ryerson University

RYERSONFSN 132Julia ScalzoFall

Chapter 10 Romanesque Art Memorization Slides/Study Guide

OC7577330 Page
11 Dec 2012
Relics remains, remnants of objects/clothing related to saints. Tympanum a semicircle area formed by the intersection of a wall and a vault over the do
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RYERSONFSN 132Julia ScalzoFall

Chapter 11 Gothic Art Memorization Slides/Study Guide

OC7577345 Page
11 Dec 2012
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RYERSONFSN 132Julia ScalzoFall

Chapter 13 The Early Renaissance Memorization Slides/Study Guide

OC7577381 Page
11 Dec 2012
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RYERSONFSN 132Julia ScalzoFall

Chapter 12 Precursors of the Renaissance Memorization Slides/Study Guide

OC7577342 Page
11 Dec 2012
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RYERSONFSN 221Anna RomanovskaWinter

FSN 221 Chapter Notes -Munsell Color System, Albert Henry Munsell, Cornflower Blue

OC7577315 Page
21 Apr 2013
Color for the real world - textbook outline. Chapter 1: the nature of colour, colour systems. 3 requirements to see colour: an object, a light source,
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RYERSONFSN 232Kimberly WahlWinter

Art History Definitions

OC757737 Page
15 Apr 2013
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RYERSONFSN 302Sue BarnwellFall

FSN 302 Chapter Notes -Cassock, Toque, Satin

OC7577311 Page
21 Oct 2013
Week 1: the middle ages & renaissance: the rise of fashion: chapter 14. From the 11th century to the second half of the 12th century, changed very litt
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RYERSONFSN 199Sue BarnwellFall

FSN 199 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Niche Market, Conspicuous Consumption, Wear-Tv

OC12637913 Page
19 Oct 2016
Chapter 1:the interplay of commerce and culture before the first. Elitism in fashion has always been linked closely with status and social class, with
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RYERSONFSN 123Luann LafrenzFall

FSN 123 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Flapper, Gibson Girl, Petite Size

OC838082 Page
11 Dec 2012
Basic categories in woman"s apparel includes: outerwear, dresses, blouses, suits, evening clothes, bridal wear, sportswear, activewear, uniforms, mater
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RYERSONFSN 223benbarryWinter

FSN 223 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Fine Art, Eurocentrism

OC839404 Page
27 Feb 2013
Fashion concepts and theories chapter 1 and lecture notes. Clothing is a complex system of cultural communication. Expresses collective and individual
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RYERSONFSN 101Kirsten SchaeferFall

FSN 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Satin, Nylon, Velveteen

OC21337653 Page
10 Sep 2017
Introduction: knowledge and understanding of textiles is key because whether it is consumers desiring a new fashion, soldiers needing uniforms and equi
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RYERSONFSN 101SandralimFall

FSN 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Titanium Oxide, Formal Wear, Generic Point

OC4352884 Page
12 Apr 2015
11. review article - naturally good, aatcc review, may/june 2011, 22-30. Fume fading melt spinning drawing/stretching viscose dry spinning texturizing/
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