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Chapter 17

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Ryerson University
FIN 501
Edward Blinder

CFIN501 Chapter 17 Projecting Cash Flow and EarningsSources of Financial InformationAnnual report to stockholdersgood source of financial information about a companyThe Globe and Mailshamrockable to request annual reportInternetconvenientvaries but provides recent quarterly or annual financial reportsoToronto or the Toronto venture exchange listed companiesOntario securities commission and Toronto stock exchangeWealth of primary financial information is available to investors through the Ontario securities OSCoRequires publicly traded companies to submit financial statements on a regular basisSEDARelectronic achieve of company filings with the Canadian securities regulatory agenciesDisclosure regulationrequires companies making a public disclosure of material nonpublic information to do a fairly without preferential recipientsMaterial nonpublic informationany information that could reasonable by expected to affect the price of a securitySecurities and exchange commission requires companies to disclose not only financial statements but also material information about their companies to the publicFinancial StatementsReveal the hard facts about a companys operating and financial performanceBalance sheetaccounting statement that provides a snapshot view of a companys assets and liabilities on a particular dateIncome statementsummary statement of a firms revenues over a specific accounting period usually a quarter or a yearoNet income dividendsretained earningsCash flow statementanalysis if a firms sources and uses of cash over the accounting period summarizing operating investing and f
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