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FIN 502
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thChapter 5 Family Law January 24 2012Family law entire body of statutes regulations and precedents that govern relations between spouses and between parents and minor childrenCovers marriage annulment separation divorce custody and care of children property rights within the family and aspects of the taxation of the familys incomeRelevant statutes include federal Divorce Act provincial Family Law Acts federal and provincial income tax acts and the regulations attached to themSeparation Agreement contract between spouses in which they agree to live separate lives and set various conditions yet they are still married more freedom with rulesDivorce granted by the court upon application by a petitionero Divorce Act governs all divorces in Canada and a divorce does end a marriageMarried Couples or marriage two persons who completed a ceremony of marriage that is recognized by Canadian lawSpousal Couple two persons same sex or opposite sex who are living in a conjugal relationship regardless of whether they are married What is Family Family any groupings of person whose affairs are so closely related that they plan their personal financial affairs togetherDivorce Act spousal couple is only a family if they are legally married If marriage does not exist then you cannot terminate it under the divorce actFederal Income Tax Act any spousal couple who have cohabited for at least one year or who are married or who have cohabited for less than one year but the union has produced a ch
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