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Chapter 2

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Abednego Aryee

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Chapter two Environment and perception  The urban smorgasbord of people  Different economic background  Urban area maximum use the space (land), e.g. taller apartment building  Difference between people living, urban or rural.  Language, dress code, different fasion  Urban: everybody is bust running  Rural: a lot of time, relax  Desperately defining environment  Different social group  Different transportations more opportunities  Some other human-environemnt frameworks Sonnenfeld and Porteous  Perception and cognitive filtering: seeing what we want  Decision making: a lesson from Calvin&Hobbes Going to be exploring Space, place, people Physical environment: the “natural” world Build environment : the human built world Socio-economic environment : the cultural world Phenomenal environment : physical milieu which behavior takes place Behavior environment : psychological milieu in which behavior takes place Contextual environment Life cycle; child, adult, old Life style; a way of living Life level; socio-economics, demographics, psychographics= level of health and political involvement Different cultural Second general immigration Environments are shaped by and in turn influence the decision maki
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