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Chapter 2

chapter 2 - environment and perception

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GEO 106
Maria Piccioni

Chapter 22Environment and perception People come in many flavours Culture gender economics ethnicity personality and perceptions Can lead to different point of view and different interpretation of a given environment Physical environmentrefers to natural or physical world not created by humansThe built environmentrefers to the physical world built by humans such as our buildings roads reservoirs etcThe socioeconomic environmentrefers to the behavioural economic system cultural systems value systems ie wealthy neighbourhoods may have nice homes nice cars while poor neighbourhoods smaller homes and ugly carsThe phenomenal environmentrefers to the physical context in which behaviour takes place Behaviour environmentrefers to psychological context in which behaviour takes place The personal environmentrefers to the psychological and physiological of the individual their past experiences needs desires attitudes valuesContextual environmentrefers to the attitudes and values of various subgroups of societyLifecycle refers to where a person is on the journey from birth to death Lifelevel refers to social class and i
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