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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Place and Placelessness
Chapter 4 - Place and Placelessness

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Ryerson University
GEO 106
Maria Piccioni

GEO106Ch4 Place and PlacelessnessSense of placey Place can be characterized by both objective attributes size ethnicity income levels as well as subjective attributes labels like big exciting y Places are total environments comprised of physical space people furnishings achiness actions and meanings y Human intent and action ascribe meaning and transform empty space into place y Behavioural settingsettings have plans for their inhabitants behaviour andinputs are activated within the limits of the settings control systems to produce the planned behaviour o Phenomenal environment interacts with the social clues to define the situation y Outsiders views of a place are more onedimensional where insiders views are more differentiatedTopophilia and topophobiay Topophiliapositive emotional attachment o Term coined by Tuan 1947 to denote the affective ties of humans to their environment particularly the positive emotional responses towards a place y Topophobianegative emotional attachment y Associations can be generated by any numb
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