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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Urbanisation

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Ryerson University
GEO 106
Maria Piccioni

GEO106Chapter 9 Urbanisation A Historical diversionUrban growth vs urbanisationy Urban growthoccurs when rates if growth between urban and rural populations are about the same over the long term and over wide areas y Urbanisationoccurs when urban growth rates outstrip rural growth rates through some combination of natural increase in population and rural to urban migration rates y Initial stagegrowth stageterminal stage y Rates of growth vs level of growth y In developed countries the terminal stage was attained after a century or more of growth y In developing countries the terminal stage was attained after just two or three decades of growth y Urbanisation is a complex interactive process in which three related phenomena occur o Economic transformation o Demographic transformation o Social transformationEconomic transformationy Economic activity leads to innovation invention the creation of products and jobs the division of labour and generally increased personal
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