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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Form and Structure of the city

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Ryerson University
GEO 106
Maria Piccioni

GEO106Chapter 10 Form and Structure of the city Approaching the grand designBid rent theoryy The theory is based on the idea thata particular piece of land will be used for the activity that can pay the highest rent y This rent is not the rent you pay for your apartmentrather it is an economic concept of payment for the use of land y What is best economically may not be best socially or environmentally y Improvement in rent paying ability could be gained by increasing density intensity accessibility statusVon Thunens modely Developed the agricultural bid rent model y Suggested that crops be grown in concentric zones around the marketplace based on each crops superior ability to pay rent for land within the zone y Crops grown closer to market would have higher transportation costs but greater revenue per unit while crops grown further from market would have lower transportation costs but also lower revenues per unitThe urban land rent modely Similar to t
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