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Ryerson University
GEO 106
Elizabeth Carlson

Chapter 1 The Nature of GeographyPattisons 1964 4 TRADITIONS1The Spatial Tradition aConcern is with nature of location space place distance direction and orientation of humans and the environments in which they have to functionbGeographers are concerned with the geometry of things their arrangement and movement between them why these arrangements and movements arise cGOAL to explain GENERAL PATTERNS of human settlement and behaviour2Area Studies TraditionaConcern is with differentiating regions or place based on given sets of attributesbGeographers are concerned with describing regions and comparing them with other regionscGOAL describe the UNIQUE ATTRIBUTES of places rather than to explain any general patterns found3Human Land TraditionaConcern is with how humans affect environments and how environments affect humans how one uses or abuses the environmentbGOALmanaging the environment and the twoway impacts between us and it recognizing that we and it are one thingcHence the environment and species HUMANS are inseparable that partially comprise it and the humanland tradition focuses on these INTERRELATIONSHIPS4Earth Studie
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