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Chapter 2

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GEO 106
Elizabeth Carlson

Chapter Two: Environment and Perception The Urban Smorgasbord of People: - People come in many flavours – culture, gender, economics, ethnicity, personalities and perceptions Desperately Defining Environments: - Environment means the natural world - The physical environment: refers to the “natural” or physical world but not created by humans - The built environment: refers to the physical world that is built by humans – our buildings, roads, reservoirs, canals, etc. Usually highly visible and differs from culture to culture but the goals of creating it are generally similar – ie. Shelter, production, interaction - The socio-economic environment: refers to behavioural world created by humans – our economic systems, cultural systems, values systems. Usually intangible but not necessarily highly visible. Eg: Little Italy may advertise their Italian-ness with street signs, store signs in Italian, Italian flag, while the three Italian households on your block are invisible from the street - All three types of environment are comprised themselves
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