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Chapter 11


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GEO 110
David Atkinson

Chapter 11 • Principal of superposition – rock and sediment are arranged so youngest beds are at the top and oldest are at the base • Uniformitarianism – the same phycial processes active in the environment today have been operating throughout geologic tiem • Earth forming its continental crust in the archean eon • As earth solidified gravity sorted materials by density – heavier like iron at core ligher at surface to become concentrated in the crust LAYERS • Inner core, outer core, lower mantle, uppermantle • Upper mantle upper mantle, transition zone, plastic zone (asthenosphere), rigid (uppermost mantle) • Lithosphere – crust (oceanic and continental) and uppermost mantel • Oceanic-more dense- basalt • Continental – less dense- granite • Think of earths crust as floating on the denser layers beneath more load from sediments, mountains, glaciers tends to sink or go lower into asthenosphere load goes away (erosion and transporation)isostatic rebound isostatically rise higher .. uplifts cotinent starts to thin and rise the sediment deposited from the erosion begins to deform the lithosphere beneath the ocean though its weight GEOLOGIC CYCLE • Cycling that proceeds in the lithosphere. Encompasses the hydrologic cycle, tectonic cycle and rock cycle ROCK CYCLE • Higher amount of oxygen in a rock than the atmosphere • Mineral: inorganic compound having a specific chemical formula and a crystal structure • Rock: assemblage of minerals bound together or a mass of a single mineral, or undifferenciated material or solic organic compound • three categories based on how they are formed igneous (melted), sedimentary (from settli
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